Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Easter Countdown Garland

I am all about having multiple uses for items, especially for projects Owen and I attempt to do. Because of that,  I decided we would use the same Easter Garland we painted and used for language activities yesterday as a way to also countdown the days until Easter, practice our "hunting skills," and learn about the story of Easter and our great Savior, Jesus.

After Owen painted the pieces of the garland I then wrote numbers on the back of each individual piece to  coordinate with how many days we have left until Easter. I strung them on twine with clothes pins. I decided on a pattern-. Egg, Bunny, then Chick. Each day leading up to Easter Owen will remove a piece of the garland, we will look at the back and identify the number,  count to that number and then possibly do one of the 10 ways I listed yesterday to use the Garland + Scene.

The extra fun, plus meaning comes in when he reaches an Egg on the Garland. "Egg days" represent "Hunt Days" that's when I will have a mini Easter Egg hunt set up in the backyard for him to practice his hunting skills AND find the special Resurrection Egg with a verse and unique object that will help us learn the story of Easter.

you can find the printable/PDF garland pieces here. 

I included one extra story strip in case you want to add to the story. I kept it really simple for Owen. And hope to use it with Claire in the future.

Today is our first official "Hunt Day," let's hope it goes smoothly (okay, as smoothly as anything goes with a Two year old. ) and is as fun as I hope for the little guy.

Please feel free to right click and save the strips for your own use and add them to your Easter Activities if you wish! :)

Happy Day, Friends!


Amanda said...

Such a fabulous activity! I hope I can find the time to craft this with Lily in the next few days! If not, I might just save it for next year. Thanks for sharing!

Ashley @ Life on the Parsons Farm said...

What a fun idea! So clever. I am bookmarking this to use when Ellie is older (maybe next year?). We made resurection eggs at mops a couple of weeks ago, ours have twelve eggs... I guess it goes into more detail. Thanks for sharing!!