Thursday, January 2, 2014

Tips to Help Your Child's Language Development

As the New Year begins, you may have goals that entail making play time with your little one more effective. I know I'm always on the look out for new and fun ways to engage Owen in activities.

Research shows, that families that engage their child in "conversational talk" (meaning-they describe the world around them rather than just telling them what needs to get done -"do this, come here, put that down") have bigger vocabularies and higher IQ scores.

 If you're like me and want to do specific activities but also just be present,  here are a few simple ways you can help encourage language development during any activity, routine, or outing. 

I sure hope this is helpful to those of you interested. If you have any questions at all feel free to email me! 

All of these tips (and few more) plus information on speech development, and over 50 activities can be found in the Speech/Language Enrichment Planner. Available here. 

Happy New Year, Friends!!!!! 


Courtney Sweet said...

Oh this is fantastic! Definitely bookmarking, great ideas that I hadn't even really considered yet at Aria's age. Thanks!

Meghan said...

This is great! I notice my mom does this with Noah. She will put him in his high chair when she makes him breakfast and walks him through the whole process. I do it as well but should probably do it more often.

hello erin said...

love love love this! i swear lex is a chatter box because we're constantly talking to her. and asking about her day. i think my fav time of the day is the dinner table when lex recounts her day for her dad. ADORBS!

Elizabeth said...

I love this! My son is a little delayed at talking and this totally helps!! Thank you!