Sunday, December 29, 2013

Mommy and Me and Baby Prep To-Do List

This picture of Owen and I is not the greatest,  it's just one of those ordinary, every day moments. But one thing I've learned during this little link up is it's not about the perfect picture or the greatest outings, it's about the moments. The sweet little moments you don't want to forget. This will forever be one of those moments.

            December 2013

Mommy & me 

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With the upcoming arrival of Baby Claire we are doing our best to get things ready for her and for life after baby... with a toddler. I thought I'd share a few things I am working on now to help us all be prepared for life with a new baby.

Baby Prep To-Do List

1. Create an easy to use meal calendar
2. Stock Freezer
3. Create an activity calendar for Owen
4. Pack hospital bags, including a bag for Owen with snacks and activities until Mimi is able to arrive at the hospital on the big day.
5. Create Craft closet and organize Owen's toys/implement toy rotation and book rotation

I hope to share a little about each of the above items as I complete them. Stay tuned and wish me luck!

Happy Monday, friends!


Leah @ Everyday Love said...

Sometimes those ordinary everyday moments are the ones that stay in our heart forever! xo I can't believe Claire is almost here. Just craziness!!!!

Lili said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR! precious shot!

Courtney Sweet said...

I love the hand holding. We just got back in town for a trip up north and when Aria got irritable in the car one of us would reach back and let her hold our hand. Just about melted my heart feeling her tiny hand back there and having her calm down. The simplest moments tend to make the best memories =)