Friday, December 27, 2013

Merry Merry!

Oh my goodness what a Christmas. We traveled home (to Oklahoma)  last week and were able to spend 5 full days there. It was such a blessing to have this time at home with our families and friends. Although, the trip always goes by too quickly and we never manage to see every one or do every thing we have planned. Luckily Owen was pretty great in the car considering the long drive and we were able to cut one leg of our trip in half when we stopped at my brother and SIL's for the night to sleep on the way up. 

The week was packed full with family, friends, food and fun. 

 We spent the days leading up to Christmas finishing up our shopping, wrapping, and mailing Christmas cards. (yea, the whole Dec. 1st thing didn't happen, once again) I took advantage of having a few extra set of hands around to help watch Owen while I finished shopping and baking, instead of stressing out right before we left to get it all done. This was nice but again, I hope to have more done before we make the trek next year. I was able to get my hair done, which was a first in close to 7 months. (That's a long time for a girl who use to go every 6 weeks.) It's funny how much more you appreciate that quiet, me time once you have a little one.

Christmas Eve we had a little relaxing time at my Mom's before we headed over to spend the day with C's family. We always had the best of intentions to get out and about before nap time but it never seemed to happen. Christmas Eve service was kind of hilarious. Owen was surrounded by all his favorite people and he just wanted to walk to every one and say hello, climb over them, or talk quite loudly during the service. A little over half way through the service Clark had to take him out of the sanctuary so he didn't continue to disturb every one else around us. Although it was a bit of a mess I am so glad we went and had that special time with our families (both mine and the hubby's went together). We then went to my Mom's for our annual Christmas Eve family celebration with our Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins. By this time Owen was exhausted and definitely had a few meltdowns but overall he did okay. But we will for sure be making some changes next year when there are 5 little ones to put to bed. Both my brother's wives are pregnant, (one with twins!) and with baby Claire and Owen, the late night celebration will probably be a little more than any of us can handle. 

Christmas Day we woke up and opened presents ate cinnamon rolls and  a country breakfast (recipe that my Grandmother use to make) and had a great time lounging and playing with Owen in our PJ's before we got ready for the next festivities. Owen napped- we packed and loaded the car with all our wonderful gifts (since we hit the road and drove back to Houston that afternoon)  and then went to my sweet MIL's house. She always has wonderful food for every celebration. We had delicious appetizers and Owen (and I for Claire) opened gifts. 

I just have to say we received the most thoughtful and heartfelt gifts this year from every one. Christmas is most definitely not about gifts, it really isn't but I was just so humbled by all the creativity and time that went into all of the gifts. 

Experiencing Christmas through Owen's eyes was the best gift of all. He was amazed by all the sights, smells, (really, that is one of his favorite things to do right now- to wrinkle up his cute little nose and give things a good sniff... silly boy!) and wonders of this magical season. A few things I don't want to forget specifically about Owen this Christmas 
-His love for caramel popcorn that he tried for the first time at GrandMommy's and couldn't stop eating
-He loved playing chase with Aunt Becky and  looking and chasing the kitty's around GrandMommy's house. 
-How he said "ho, ho," ANYTIME he saw Santa, we said Merry Christmas, or really if he saw anything Christmas related. By the end of the week he added the final "ho" in there!
-Continuing to call both his Uncles "Daaaave" until one of our last mornings when both my brother's were standing next to him and he looked at Dave said-"Dave" then looked at Matt and said "Matt" and then laughed like it was the funniest thing ever. 
-He imitated me saying "Happy Birthday Jesus"
-He so lovingly peed on GrandMommy's floor the night C and I went out to dinner with friends while she was babysitting. In his defense, apparently she had just changed his diaper and she got up to do something before putting his diaper back on and he barely peed on the floor, well she thought it was hilarious and started laughing at him so he tried and pushed with all his might to pee a little more on the floor! Good grief.. little boys! 
-Owen gave baby Claire lots of kisses on my belly AND wanted me to hold him a lot. (I think he senses her arrival soon) 

After a wonderful full 5 days, lots of contractions, and too much food consumed we made it home safe and sound and I have been in major baby prep mode every since.

I hope you all had a blessed Christmas!!! 

(and now too many pictures....)

Owen having some fun shopping for soccer balls and tools and all the essentials at our play date with friends. 

sweet friends...

Owen's favorite Santa at Mimi's...aka our Santa pic for the year!

All three pregnant sisters! 
Me-34 weeks, Rachel-19 weeks, Kelsey-18 weeks. 

stealing a headband from the cousins game...

quick attempt at a family pic.. (Owen exhausted and Mom having contractions.. equals sitting in a chair for a pic.)

Christmas PJ pic/ minus the hubby who doesn't do holiday PJ's. :) 

our annual Christmas Morning breakfast- Cinnamon Rolls!

shooting some hoops with Uncle Matt..

cooking with Uncle Dave...

Christmas present Mania...

Owen with his sweet Aunt's and Uncle's..and also not letting go of his new basketball!!!

Owen loved his new car from GrandMommy!!! 

Owen with hisAunt Becky, Aunt Kate, and Uncle Al. 

and probably my favorite picture of the season... this is so Owen!!


Ashley said...

Love your Santa picture!! haha.

Meghan said...

That's so fun you are all pregnant at the same time!

Amy said...

How fun that you girls are all pregnant at the same time! Looks like a wonderful Christmas!

Courtney Sweet said...

Merry (belated) Christmas! I love the three pregnant sisters pic, that is so fun and ohmygosh I can just imagine the chaos in a few months!