Friday, May 16, 2014

Owen Says,

Watching Owen's language skills develop has to be one my absolute favorite things. I haven't been great at recording all his stats and such lately but I do love keeping track of all the funny new things he says each week. I usually use the notes app on my phone to quickly record what funny word or phrase he's using. I hope to at least keep track of this over the next year. 

a few of my favorites. "Bug Me." when there was a rolly- poly crawling on him.
"Out Time." for Time Out. Putting this kid in time out is pretty much hilarious. I try so hard to keep a straight face and be stern but it never works. 
"Alarm cary"-Alarm Scary when our fire alarm randomly goes off. He puts his hands together and makes a "scary face." So funny. 
"uh oh car coming." when we stop to cross the street. He says it in such a serious little voice. 
"Nak please."-Napkin Please. I didn't even realize he had really starting using the word napkin but he surprised me when he asked for a napkin after spilling his soup on his shorts. 
And his longest utterance yet, "Man ladder, Papa climb ladder clip tree." After we saw a Man standing on a ladder painting a house. But he remember and made the correlation to the time C climbed a ladder to trim the tree branches in the backyard. The things this kid remembers amazes me! 

next up Claire stats. I promise. 

Have a great weekend, friends! 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

DIY Bow & Headband Holder

Do you ever have those posts that you start but for one reason or another they don't get published? This is one I drafted right before Claire was born. I already enjoy looking back at how excited I was to have this sweet girl. I could've never imagined how much she would change my life. And though I still think all the accessorizing is so much fun, there is so much more I am grateful for about having my girl. Her smile lights up the room, her chubby, chubby checks are impossible not to pinch, and her eyes melt my heart. I can't wait for all the fun times ahead but for now I am soaking up every minute of this baby stage that goes by entirely too fast. ( And sticking a bow on her every chance I get! Ha)


I have to admit, one thing I am really looking forward to about having a little girl is all the fun accessorizing.  From bows to headbands, scarves to jewelry, I just can't wait! (and now that I've said this my little girl will probably refuse to wear bow, and only want to dress like her brother..:) Either way, Claire already has a fair amount of hair bows and headbands that need to be organized.

When my Mom found this sheer gold polka dot fabric and the white canvas half price at Hobby Lobby we knew we wanted to use it in Claire's room, we just weren't certain how yet. As the bow stash grew (again, thanks to Mimi) I knew we were going to need a cute little something to hold all the pretties.

Here's what you'll need to make your own... 


  • A canvas (ours was 18"x 18") 
  • Fabric to wrap canvas 
  • Fabric to make a big bow
  • Staple gun
  • Needle and thread or spray glue adhesive
  • Fabric glue
  • Ribbon for hanging

Wrap your canvas with your background fabric. 


Make your bow. We made it in two parts and then stitched it together. But you could also use spray glue adhesive or fabric glue.

Attach bow to canvas with spray adhesive or sew it on to the canvas. 

Hang with ribbon and then fill 'er up! 

and I'm really glad we have two hooks above this bow holder for all the headbands! 

How do you keep your little ones accessories organized? 

Happy Thursday, friends. 

Things around here are interesting. Naps this week have been less than stellar. We are having our porch redone so the constant nail gun, sawing, and hammering don't really make for the best napping environment!! It might be time to pour a glass of wine. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mothers Day 2014

Well hello, blog friends!!! I have missed you and this little space. Never did I ever plan on neglecting this little space for so long but what can I say, life happened. And caring for two kids is no joke. As so many of you well know!!

So, of course, I have too much to catch up  but since my memory is still fresh with Mother's Day happenings lets talk about that shall we? 

What a beautiful simple and happy day with my little fam. Here's a quick recap- 

My sweet, handsome hubby let me sleep in which in it of itself was a huge treat!!! Once I rolled out of bed, which was actually really only about an hour later but felt like at least a few, we had donuts and kolaches!! My fav.  We then hit the ground running attempting to get ready for church. All I can say is I am so thankful our church is literally 3 blocks away or we would never make it on time. After church we attempted a pic... 

Which was clearly not the best!! ha We were pushing nap time and both kids were ready for bed. 

Afternoon Naps were had by everyone!!! And it was the best. What is it about Sunday naps that are so much better than any other day of the week?! 

After nap we attempted a few more pictures before we went on a bike/stroller ride to get Raspas (Mexican Sno Cones) boys biked/ girls strolled. 

( do you spy that sweet little fort back there? I'll try and talk about that soon, too) 

Owen's looking at the camera....

Claire's looking at the camera... Kind of;) 

And Mom's trying not to fall over! Ha

This was Claire's first ride in the stroller without the carseat adaptor. Although to be honest she has really only been in that a few times too. She prefers to be worn, meaning in the baby carrier at all times! 

She was cozy.

Owen- "Stop Car!" 

It was hot but fun. Owen ran around the little picnic tables stopping for a few bites here and there, and Claire took it all in giving us some coos and happy smiles. 

We made our way back home but not without a nursing pit stop in the neighborhood park. Not something I would have been very comfortable doing with Owen but have grown quite accustomed to nursing absolutely anywhere this time around. 

We finished the day with dinner on the deck picking up take out from our new favorite Doner Kepab restaurant. 

Owen ended his day like this 

and Claire gave me her first real giggles while I was giving her Eskimo kisses!!! Best. Gift. Ever. 

It was one of my most favorite days we have had as a family of four. Just such  simple and special moments with the loves of my life. 

I am amazed everyday at how challenging, yet rewarding this job is. Being a Momma is a calling, it's a blessing, and it is truly sanctifying. 

I hope that you had an amazing day with your loved ones as well. Mothering is about nurturing, whether that be to your own children or not, if you nurture others I pray you know you're a blessing. 

Thanks for reading friends. 

(Easter recap soon?!- yea, Easter happened before Mother's Day I know:) 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Because He Lives.


Friday, April 11, 2014

Baby Girl's First Easter Basket

There's no denying how excited I am for Easter. I think it's quickly becoming my all time favorite holiday. There's just so much to celebrate!! We have quite a few April birthdays in our family.  Most recently my twin nieces!!! I am over the moon ecstatic to finally be an Aunt! AND most importantly, the celebration of our Risen Savior!!!!

Today I linking up with the sweet girls of the Five on Friday link up- The Good LifeA. Liz AdventuresCarolina Charm. & Hello! Happiness. 


To share some fun ideas I have for my sweet baby girl's First Easter Basket. 

ONE. I still need to add a few finishing touches to Claire's nursery. Hints why I haven't shared her room yet on the blog. I think this print from French Press Mornings will be perfect framed in her room. Why not add it to her Easter basket? 

TWO. How adorable is this mini sized friendship bracelet by Lucky Sage Shop? I'm  in love. And even better, she also makes beautiful Momma bracelets !! 

THREE. Girlfriend can never have too many hair accessories. Am I right? I'm loving this coral and mint headband from Emmy's Pretties.

FOUR. Beaufort Bonnet. Obsessed. A definite must for our sunny days. 

FIVE. Owen started teething super early so I am assuming Claire will too. This organic bunny baby teether looks like it could be a great buy.

What am I missing???

Happy Friday, Friends!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Little Things

It's the little things like....

                 Fun Easter Decor

Sweet baby looks

Yummy birthday cookies

New tricycles

Date nights

The living word

 adorable friends 

 big Southern bows with PJ's and Baby Claire smiles 

That make my Momma heart swell. 

Happy Wednesday, Friends!!! 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Easter Countdown Garland

I am all about having multiple uses for items, especially for projects Owen and I attempt to do. Because of that,  I decided we would use the same Easter Garland we painted and used for language activities yesterday as a way to also countdown the days until Easter, practice our "hunting skills," and learn about the story of Easter and our great Savior, Jesus.

After Owen painted the pieces of the garland I then wrote numbers on the back of each individual piece to  coordinate with how many days we have left until Easter. I strung them on twine with clothes pins. I decided on a pattern-. Egg, Bunny, then Chick. Each day leading up to Easter Owen will remove a piece of the garland, we will look at the back and identify the number,  count to that number and then possibly do one of the 10 ways I listed yesterday to use the Garland + Scene.

The extra fun, plus meaning comes in when he reaches an Egg on the Garland. "Egg days" represent "Hunt Days" that's when I will have a mini Easter Egg hunt set up in the backyard for him to practice his hunting skills AND find the special Resurrection Egg with a verse and unique object that will help us learn the story of Easter.

you can find the printable/PDF garland pieces here. 

I included one extra story strip in case you want to add to the story. I kept it really simple for Owen. And hope to use it with Claire in the future.

Today is our first official "Hunt Day," let's hope it goes smoothly (okay, as smoothly as anything goes with a Two year old. ) and is as fun as I hope for the little guy.

Please feel free to right click and save the strips for your own use and add them to your Easter Activities if you wish! :)

Happy Day, Friends!