Sunday, April 20, 2014

Because He Lives.


Friday, April 11, 2014

Baby Girl's First Easter Basket

There's no denying how excited I am for Easter. I think it's quickly becoming my all time favorite holiday. There's just so much to celebrate!! We have quite a few April birthdays in our family.  Most recently my twin nieces!!! I am over the moon ecstatic to finally be an Aunt! AND most importantly, the celebration of our Risen Savior!!!!

Today I linking up with the sweet girls of the Five on Friday link up- The Good LifeA. Liz AdventuresCarolina Charm. & Hello! Happiness. 


To share some fun ideas I have for my sweet baby girl's First Easter Basket. 

ONE. I still need to add a few finishing touches to Claire's nursery. Hints why I haven't shared her room yet on the blog. I think this print from French Press Mornings will be perfect framed in her room. Why not add it to her Easter basket? 

TWO. How adorable is this mini sized friendship bracelet by Lucky Sage Shop? I'm  in love. And even better, she also makes beautiful Momma bracelets !! 

THREE. Girlfriend can never have too many hair accessories. Am I right? I'm loving this coral and mint headband from Emmy's Pretties.

FOUR. Beaufort Bonnet. Obsessed. A definite must for our sunny days. 

FIVE. Owen started teething super early so I am assuming Claire will too. This organic bunny baby teether looks like it could be a great buy.

What am I missing???

Happy Friday, Friends!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Little Things

It's the little things like....

                 Fun Easter Decor

Sweet baby looks

Yummy birthday cookies

New tricycles

Date nights

The living word

 adorable friends 

 big Southern bows with PJ's and Baby Claire smiles 

That make my Momma heart swell. 

Happy Wednesday, Friends!!! 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Easter Countdown Garland

I am all about having multiple uses for items, especially for projects Owen and I attempt to do. Because of that,  I decided we would use the same Easter Garland we painted and used for language activities yesterday as a way to also countdown the days until Easter, practice our "hunting skills," and learn about the story of Easter and our great Savior, Jesus.

After Owen painted the pieces of the garland I then wrote numbers on the back of each individual piece to  coordinate with how many days we have left until Easter. I strung them on twine with clothes pins. I decided on a pattern-. Egg, Bunny, then Chick. Each day leading up to Easter Owen will remove a piece of the garland, we will look at the back and identify the number,  count to that number and then possibly do one of the 10 ways I listed yesterday to use the Garland + Scene.

The extra fun, plus meaning comes in when he reaches an Egg on the Garland. "Egg days" represent "Hunt Days" that's when I will have a mini Easter Egg hunt set up in the backyard for him to practice his hunting skills AND find the special Resurrection Egg with a verse and unique object that will help us learn the story of Easter.

you can find the printable/PDF garland pieces here. 

I included one extra story strip in case you want to add to the story. I kept it really simple for Owen. And hope to use it with Claire in the future.

Today is our first official "Hunt Day," let's hope it goes smoothly (okay, as smoothly as anything goes with a Two year old. ) and is as fun as I hope for the little guy.

Please feel free to right click and save the strips for your own use and add them to your Easter Activities if you wish! :)

Happy Day, Friends!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Printable Easter Garland

Happy Spring, Friends!

This week Mommy School is all about Easter. Remember to visit Leah's blog for all of the details. 

I'm excited to share with you all a fun and easy Easter activity that will hopefully help make your holiday even more festive and meaningful. 

We used this water color paint recipe for painting the pieces of the garland. After Owen finished painting we used twine and clothes pins to hang the garland above our Easter activity poster. (Both the garland and wall scene will be available for download in the shop soon! :)


and can we talk about what two looks like at this house? Here's a little peek...

If you want to start your Easter garland today you can download the free PDF here.

 Check back tomorrow for another fun and easy way to use your Easter printables.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Five on Friday

Hello Friday!!! I am really grateful that the hubby has every other Friday off. This is one of those Friday's and I couldn't be happier. We have a lot we are attempting to get done this weekend, however we are quickly learning those "to-do's" don't always get done with two little ones around. Which is obviously fine by us but it would be nice to get a few things accomplished.

Anyways, on to my Five!!!


We had a fun week. As hard as it is to get out of the house with two I've learned it helps a lot to get out even if it's just for a quick trip. This week we met our "computer" friends (as the husband so lovingly calls them.)-Darci and Vanessa on Monday at an indoor playground and then on Tuesday we met up with our other sweet friend Jen and her adorable little Ella.  We celebrated Owen's birthday on Wednesday as a family. The weather was rainy so we had to resort to a Plan B. That morning I made pancakes (at 5:30 am nonetheless. ) I cut the birthday boy's into a two and added a truck candle. We sang him happy birthday before Clark was off to work. Luckily, C was able to take half of the day off so that afternoon we celebrated by taking a trip to the toy store where O picked out a new Tonka Truck and then we went for frozen yogurt. It's still hard for me to believe that we now have a two year old. I plan on doing a full post on all of Owen's "stats" when I get the chance but for now I just wanted to document a few of my favorite "Owen sayings-"

Oh, Man.
Danks Momma-Thanks Momma
Come Mar-Mar-Come Marley
Man-Pointing out any and all men that he sees.
Car-Road-Said like it's one word
Stop. -Pointing out every time we stop in the car.
Knife Cut-obsessed with cutting his food.
Whoa-when we are driving in the car and make a big turn.
Shoo-wee for stinky diapers
Hurry, hurry, hurry!!!!


Spring Cleaning Sale. In case you missed my post yesterday. I am cleaning out the ol' closet and hope this helps motivate me to get the rest of the closets, drawers, okay let's just say house organized. It's amazing how much stuff you accumulate with kids, and since we live in an older house our closet space is minimal. This means organization and purging needs to happen like, yesterday.


Easter Goodies. I just added new Easter Activity Placemats to the Shop this week. And I hope you like them. Here are a few of my favs. Check them out here. 


Bribery. Who has to bribe their child to eat dinner? Hand raised. Owen's never been a big eater. He goes through spurts with his interest in food. Currently he seems to be not so interested and way too busy to stop and eat. He has woken up in the middle of the night the last couple of nights and I swear it's because he was hungry. So last night I told him if he ate all of his dinner he could have a chocolate shake. And can you believe that was exactly what that boy needed to hear to get his dinner eaten. He ate every bite and then had half of a chocolate shake.  Not my proudest Mommy Moment. But sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Am I right?


My best girl. She sure has stolen our hearts. Clearly it's time for a Claire update also but a few quick photos will have to do for now.

Linking up with these sweet ladies The Good LifeA. Liz AdventuresCarolina Charm. & Hello! Happiness.

  photo db7528c5-a5c8-4eb0-9519-22997b018248_zps7d56832d.jpg

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Cleaning Sale

Thanks to my friend Colleen I was motivated to do a quick spring cleaning sale of some items in my closet. Hopefully this will give me a little inspiration to actually continue with the spring cleaning throughout the house:) Linking up with Teal Vogue's Spring Cleaning Link Up. 

Instead of listing a price for each item I thought I would just list size/condition/brand and let anyone who might be interested in an item make an offer in the comments section or email me directly which ever you prefer.  how does that sound :)

1. Missoni for Target. Size Medium. Worn Once. Excellent Condition.

2. Anthropologie blouse. Brand Fei. Size 6. Great Condition. 

3. Forever XXI dress. Size large. Great condition. 

4. Anthropologie Dress. Brand-Sparrow. Size Medium. Excellent Condition. 

5. Dress from Boutique in Houston. Brand-Duo. Size Medium. Excellent Condition.
baby feet not included. :)

6. Blouse from Anthropologie. Brand-One September. Size Medium. Great Condition. 

(has tie in back)

7. Chambray Dress. Brand-Gap. Size Large. Worn Twice. Excellent Condition (just a tad wrinkled :)

8. Anthropologie Dress. Brand- Anna Sui. Size Large. Never Worn.

9. Dress worn once at a wedding. Brand-Eliza J. Size 8. Excellent Condition. 

Thanks for browsing! If you have any questions at all or want additional pictures feel free to ask. Have a fantastic day!